is an One Piece Show
without an audience
in a display window.

A display window acts simultaneously as container, medium and frame. The structural conditions of seen through allow for a focused, public presentation.

seen through draws the attention of the chance passers-by and offers a fleeting glance.

The focus on one specific piece by an artist enables seen through to engage in a fragmentary discussion about selected aspects of the work.

seen through is a project by
Ronald Kolb and Ute Zeller von Heubach
at Lerchenstraße 58 in Stuttgart.


Kai Fischer
Nicola Halschke
Oliver Hiob
Bernhard Kahrmann
Cody von Klippel
Hugo Meder
Elmar Mellert
Leo Merz
Markus Milcke
Rebecca Ogle
Anne-Sofie Ruckhaberle
Hannah Sachsenmaier
Volker Schartner
Christian Schiller
Gerald Schnaidt
Ivan Syrov
Michael Vogler-Bitterle
Susanne Weiss

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Ronald Kolb

Ute Zeller von Heubach

Lerchenstraße 58, 70176 Stuttgart

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